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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 419 threatening comfortable
“Snap! Snap!”
The dimly lit azure robe, which was lined with strands of thin line, felt smooth but st.u.r.dy . It sounded like common tools couldn’t lower via the clothes .
“What the heck is 3rd Uncle carrying out? He is not exhibiting curiosity to any one,” Zhao Yanzi reported while experiencing white porridge .
Subsequently, the capacity in the combat could be greatly widened!
6 level 2 inspectors joined the structure . One of those arrived at Hao Ren and requested him to adhere to .
The 2 offered a little gesture and suddenly unleashed their electrical power .
The corridor beyond the area could start to see the lobby in the first surface . Zhao Guang, Zhao Hongyu, Zhao Yanzi, Xie Yujia, Elder Lu, Elder Sunshine, and Zhen Congming sat around two square desks correspondingly .
 “Cough, coughing . . . ” Hao Ren dry out coughed double, believing that he should not any longer casually use sword energies to spy on some others .
Both the cultivators from the ‘Ding Yin’ expression as well as ‘Wu Mao’ expression journeyed to the arena while doing so .
The four glowing blue-robed cultivators had been associated with their support clubs, and merely Zhao Kuo sat on a corner of the desk by yourself, softly water supply and consuming bright steamed buns .
The 6 light blue-robed cultivators, driven by half a dozen inspectors, walked in the place .
In truth, the 5-elemental essences that condensed to the certain awareness may possibly also temper one’s physique . This cultivation strategy was less hazardous and more ecological than the lightning farming .
Status within the room, Top Xia considered Hao Ren, convinced that the recent dragon ruler didn’t have this kind of solution . . . Together with the model-new robe, Hao Ren swept apart the minor faintness and came out upright and amazing .
“En en! If Gongzi discovers such a person afterwards, you should overcome him up!” Lu Lili concurred together .
Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice
 “Coughing, coughing . . . ” Hao Ren dry coughed a second time, believing that he should not anymore casually use sword energies to spy on some others .
“Hmph! Later on whenever we find out who made use of the religious feel dharma value to probe, we shall not forgive him softly!” Lu Linlin mentioned .
It absolutely was late into the evening . Hao Ren, who had been immersed in farming, taken care of a status of steadiness, and the bodys numerous character heart and soul persisted to influence new availabilities . Zhao Kuos manner of tempering the body with five-elemental essences became a system that Hao Ren obtained never thought of prior to . Hao Rens prior cultivation process was to simply just retain the sense of balance involving the five factors and next reach opportunities with abundant aspect essences . The truth is, the 5-elemental essences that condensed into a particular attention can also temper styles human body . This cultivation method was less dangerous and more ecological when compared to the lightning farming . Zhao Kuo used to be a Qian-point master, and that he was experienced with farming . As a result, he could rapidly arrive at Drunk driving-stage inside a short time, and that he was quite qualified in the utilization of Light-weight Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll . If theres no automobile accident, Qin Shaoyang would set up a challenge between Third Uncle and me… Looking at rising against Zhao Kuo, Hao Ren observed energized and nervous all at once . When his nature heart and soul moved to the top level of his head for the Baihui Acupoint, a pins and needles sense spread from the top of his head over to his body . This is the indirect influence of Lu Linlins annihilation of Hao Rens sword vigor . It absolutely was just like his natal dharma cherish was destroyed, and Hao Ren was damaged . In fact, Hao Rens sword energies were definitely like his natal dharma treasures . Lu Linlin grasped the sword vitality, locked in the streak with the spiritual feeling, and extinguished it . This just let Hao Ren withstood a lot more than ten times the agony of losing regular sword energies . The night pa.s.sed by slowly and gradually, light of dawn started in via the splits in the windows 7 . Hao Ren simply let out a long air and finally circulated the nature substance based on the Gentle Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll for 300 accomplish periods . Highest regarded Xia was resorting to lies over a desk chair and had decreased sleeping . Gongzi! Gongzi! The voices of Lu Linlin and Lu Lili rang away from home . Top Xia during the office chair shuddered and dropped on top of the floorboards . He easily obtained up and established the entranceway . Gongzi! The 2 sisters cheerfully hopped in . It happens to be almost time, Gongzi, feed on anything and get ready for the combat assessment! En . Hao Ren nodded, feeling a bit of a headache . Here is the new clothing that we required on behalf of the Gongzi, rapidly placed on it! Lu Lili had out a different robe, reaching out to him . Hao Ren desired to fight . However, he couldnt match Lu Lilis fretting hand velocity and proficiency . Lu Lilis rapid hands and fingers grabbed some razor-sharp sides from Hao Rens ancient attire and immediately had taken off his clothing . Gongzi, let us transformation on your behalf! Lu Lili held the new robe, with Lu Linlins hands, jerked it a second time, and place it on Hao Ren comfortably . Standing upright inside the room, The best Xia checked out Hao Ren, thinking that including the present dragon queen didnt have a really treatment method . While using model-new robe, Hao Ren swept absent the slight faintness and came out upright and incredible . The present day robe was of the same model as yesterdays, although the material used was over twice as decent . The dark light blue robe, that was lined with strands of skinny line, felt delicate but st.u.r.dy . It sounded like ordinary weaponry couldnt lower from the clothing . These thin outlines ended up obviously state-of-the-art products, and that robe acquired also increased to the degree of dharma prize! Hao Ren, dressed in a violet robe, stood inside the room and turned around casually . The robes glowed with superficial glowing gentle . With Hao Rens expressions, it manufactured him shone with classiness . Gongzi . Lu Linlin believed to Hao Ren while she trimmed the corners from the robe and complained, Yesterday evening, there exists a cultivator inside the establishing who attempted to spy on us with his divine sensation dharma prize! Oh . what happened later? Hao Ren requested, sweating on his forehead . The good news is, my sister was very aware, and she immediately extinguished the psychic feel, Lu Lili hurried to convey . Yeah, Gongzi . I didnt anticipate that there could be a really shameless human being in the developing . I gentle-handedly brought this individual a penalties, plenty of for him to experience an entire night of ache, Lu Linlin explained indignantly . En, en! Lu Lili energetically nodded . Its declared that there are numerous wicked people on earth, but you can find so handful of good men and women like Gongzi! Hao Ren listened to their discussions, and the confront transformed crimson and white-colored . In reality, yesterday evening was the very first time he utilised sword power for detection . Seeing and hearing the audio during the Lus sisters space, he received interested, and his sword power joined their room unexpectedly . This is actually not his first plan . Hmph! Later when we finally discover who utilised the faith based sense dharma treasure to probe, we shall not forgive him softly! Lu Linlin claimed . En en! If Gongzi discovers this type of human being down the road, you have to surpass him up! Lu Lili concurred with her .  Cough, coughing . Hao Ren dried out coughed twice, believing that he should not any longer casually use sword energies to spy on others . Gongzi Hao, will certainly we . go down? Leading Xia saw that Hao Rens confront was twisting and expected tentatively . Lets go! Allows go! Hao Ren hurried out of the area . The corridor outside the room could see the lobby around the primary flooring . Zhao Guang, Zhao Hongyu, Zhao Yanzi, Xie Yujia, Elder Lu, Elder Sunlight, and Zhen Congming sat around two rectangular kitchen tables respectively . Hao Ren, dressed up in a vibrant blue robe, went across the stairs and immediately grabbed the interest from the cultivators from the hallway . During this three-tale building, the main element citizens were actually the most known half a dozen cultivators who are moving to take part in the modern around of deal with test now . Since it was simply a short time beyond the check-up, the anxiety was already soaring and dispersing within the developing . In the hallway, there are already five other azure-robed cultivators . Hao Ren was the modern one to seem . The 4 azure-robed cultivators have been coupled with their help groups, and merely Zhao Kuo sat on the corner of the desk on your own, soundlessly water supply and having bright steamed buns . Zhao Kuo didnt possess assistance groups and stated nothing . But having said that, who would dare to provoke him . He had been a madman who defeated two Kun-amount cultivators! Dui-degree, Dui-levels, Xun-level, Xun-point, Xun-stage . Hao Ren went out of the stairs on the hall, in which he scanned the realms with the other five light blue-robed cultivators because he went downwards . As he entered into the hallway, he immediately believed that lots of cultivators swept their religious sensory faculties toward him . Each will wanted to determine if Hao Ren obtained changed in world above the night . The middle of-tier Gen-levels . Hao Rens world was exactly like yesterday evening, so lots of spiritual feels were actually immediately pulled . Hao Ren, on this page! Zhao Hongyu slightly waved toward Hao Ren . Hao Ren sped up and went to Zhao Hongyus dining room table . Exactly what is Thirdly Grandfather undertaking? He or she is not demonstrating attention to any individual, Zhao Yanzi reported while obtaining white-colored porridge . Your Third Grandfather certainly has his strategies you do not should clutter with him, Zhao Hongyu shook her mind and explained . Oh yeah . Zhao Yanzi was not certain . Her 3rd grandfather who possessed previously been one of the most variety to her now didnt even take note of her . This sentimental space for her was tough to conform to . Dong… Dong… Dong… The bell on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine suddenly sounded . It absolutely was seven in the morning! 6 point 2 inspectors came into the building . One of them came to Hao Ren and requested him to go by . Hao Ren, who hadnt experienced time and energy to eat, grabbed four white steamed buns and adhered to this stage 2 inspector toward the interior location . For both aspects with the avenue, the cultivators who are anticipating the beginning of your internal location suddenly discovered Hao Ren and the blue colored-robed cultivators coming . All eyeballs have been s.h.i.+ning . The cultivators wearing glowing blue robes were definitely the most potent from the Dragon G.o.d Shrines general exams! Each of the blue robes got two glittering sterling silver dragon embroideries near their shoulder muscles, and all sorts of the azure-robed cultivators experienced vivid yellow-colored ident.i.ty tokens on his or her waists . Yi Mao, Ding Yin, Wu Mao, Ji Yin, Geng Yin, Ren Yin . The six violet-robed cultivators, led by half a dozen inspectors, went into your place . Wah wah wah… Immediately after, plenty of cultivators added into your essential metropolis similar to a tide . Following a night time, the ruined fantastic area has been mended, and also the 24 little arenas has been completely fixed . Qin Shaoyang, who wore a great robe, elevated his travel and stuck out his pectoral, little by little coming out of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . The six deputy examiners were sporting silver silk robes . Qin Shaoyangs robe was distinct from yesterdays, displaying his ident.i.ty as the most important examiner in the eastern side examination region! Who areas on a lawn cutbacks! Regardless of old or seriously injured! Qin Shaoyang walked to the core of the stand and mentioned loudly . No matter gone or injured . These ideas echoed in surf inside the eastern side exam area . During yesterdays battle tests, if an individual mistakenly killed an rival, the individual would permanently drop the qualification to partic.i.p.ate in the future examinations for the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . In the modern combat examinations, even this tip was abolished! When masters were actually preventing, that they had to give their 100% energy . Anyone who didnt do that would reduce . Consequently, as a way to opt for the best, the cultivators could beat freely! The earliest suit is Ding Yin versus Wu Mao, the other suit is Ji Yin versus Geng Yin . and also the 3rd complement is Yi Mao versus Ren Yin! Qin Shaoyang casually introduced the set up . Yi Mao versus Ren Yin! Hao Ren tightened his fists . As anticipated, Qin Shaoyang organized him and Zhao Kuo to be adversaries to combat! Status before Hao Ren, Zhao Kuo, who acquired been told this deal, simply snorted and didnt even think back at Hao Ren . Click! Snap! The 2 main cultivators of the Ding Yin token along with the Wu Mao expression decided to go onto the industry while doing so . One particular was obviously a Drunk driving-amount cultivator, and the other was obviously a Xun-levels cultivator . The two gifted a slight action and suddenly unleashed their potential . Pang… The nature essences collided, and both of them flew 100 m away . 1 withstood from the Li Xia Arena, along with the other stood during the Qiu Fen Industry . Hao Ren was astonished at primary, but he soon fully understood all the things . The so-termed land and shed meant that if one decreased away from the arenas, the cultivator would lose . The opportunity on this battle was not tied to the grand world the 24 smaller sized arenas around it ended up also sites to area! Because of this, the range of the challenge will be greatly widened! The complete eastern assessment vicinity was obviously a battleground! Right now, Su Han slowly walked from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine which has a ponytail .
Hao Ren heard their chats, and his encounter made reddish colored and white colored .
Dong… Dong… Dong… The bell from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine suddenly sounded .
Her third grandfather who experienced previously been by far the most type to her now didn’t even look closely at her . This emotional gap on her was difficult to conform to .
When his characteristics basis moved to the top level of his go at the Baihui Acupoint, a pins and needles feel distributed from the top of the his head over to his body system . This has been the indirect impact of Lu Linlin’s annihilation of Hao Ren’s sword vigor .
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“Just what is Third Grandfather accomplishing? He is not demonstrating attraction to anyone,” Zhao Yanzi complained while experiencing white porridge .
Her third grandfather who possessed previously been essentially the most sort to her now didn’t even focus on her . This emotionally charged space for her was not easy to conform .
Dong… Dong… Dong… The bell of your Dragon G.o.d Shrine suddenly sounded .
“Just what is 3rd Grandfather carrying out? He is not displaying interest to any individual,” Zhao Yanzi complained while owning bright porridge .
“Oh yeah . . . ” Zhao Yanzi had not been persuaded .
“Oh . . . ” Zhao Yanzi had not been certain .
During this three-narrative building, the main element inhabitants had been the top six cultivators who had been really going to participate in the newest rounded of eliminate check-up now . Ever since it absolutely was only one short period of time from the examination, the strain was already rising and spreading during the constructing .
 “Cough, coughing . . . ” Hao Ren dried out coughed 2 times, believing that he should will no longer casually use sword energies to spy on many others .
“If there’s no collision, Qin Shaoyang would organize a fight between 3 rd Uncle and me…” Pondering rising against Zhao Kuo, Hao Ren noticed excited and anxious as well .
When masters ended up struggling, that they had to offer their completely time and effort . Anybody who didn’t do that would shed . For that reason, as a way to find the strongest, the cultivators could battle unhampered!
They all desired to ascertain if Hao Ren possessed evolved in kingdom during the night-time .
“Who lands on the floor failures! It does not matter departed or injured!” Qin Shaoyang went to the center of the remain and explained loudly .
Hao Ren went from the stairways towards the hallway, and this man examined the realms with the other five blue-robed cultivators while he walked straight down . When he stepped into the hallway, he immediately noticed that a large number of cultivators swept their spiritual sensory faculties toward him .
Hao Ren sped up and attended Zhao Hongyu’s dining room table .
Today’s robe was of the same style as yesterday’s, however the material used was greater than doubly excellent .
“No matter gone or hurt . . . ” These words and phrases echoed in waves on the eastern assessment location .

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