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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Unrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2153 – Battle of Dragon Sons! pest hapless
Ao Xu could not help smiling as he heard this. Then he claimed, “Younger Brother Prolonged Chi, relaxation a.s.sured. What’s our associations.h.i.+p? Your is important are my things. This subject, I’ll definitely help you work out it!”
Ao Xu disclosed a hard search, shook his brain, and mentioned using a sigh, “Younger Sibling Long Chi, Elder Sibling is aware of the resentment within your heart and soul. But you’re concious of the condition of the Boy with the Heavenly Dragon. Just based upon my position, it is not easy to hint him at all!”
The Corp – Counterattack
“You’re stating that he only made use of ten years’ efforts and broke to Empyrean within the Dragon Vision Cave, obtained the Perfect Dragon Level, and also discovered the way in which back?” Ao Xu reverse-asked.
Ao Xi was aware that Lengthy Chi protected the atmosphere with one fretting hand in Raindragon Stronghold, virtually providing Dragon Lord Very long Xiyue to your figurehead.
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“Hehe, Ye Yuan, observing an excellent grandaunt, shouldn’t you kowtow?” Longer Xiaochun teased Ye Yuan yet again.
Heh heh,
Long Xiyue chance Lengthy Xiaochun a brutal glare and stated, “You la.s.s, you never develop well everyday! You merely recognize how to lead to disorders! The Challenge of Dragon Sons is about to start off right away. Ranging from nowadays, you cultivate well personally, aim to crack right through to Second Firmament Empyrean without delay! In case you drop inside the Struggle of Dragon Sons, see whether I never teach you a course!”
Ao Xu disclosed a tough search, shook his travel, and claimed that has a sigh, “Younger Brother Prolonged Chi, Elder Sibling is aware of the resentment as part of your center. But you are conscious of the reputation with the Child on the Heavenly Dragon. Just according to my standing, it is hard to touch him whatsoever!”
Ao Xu chuckled and claimed, “You don’t have to worry about what I’m for 1st. You’re engaging in one thing exceptional here. This Emperor could even listen to your howls originating from a hundred kilometers out.
He roughly recounted the functions. Needless to say, he selectively neglected about Long Hao’s overbearing motion.
What Very long Chi said, every one was unthinkable, much less that it really even taken place to a single individual simultaneously.
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Ao Xu disclosed a difficult appearance, shook his head, and stated which has a sigh, “Younger Buddy Very long Chi, Elder Sibling is familiar with the bitterness inside your coronary heart. But you are concious of the position of the Kid from the Divine Dragon. Just depending on my rank, it’s tricky to effect him in anyway!”
Longer Chi’s brows furrowed, and this man explained, “Brother Ao Xu, how to find you for?”
He roughly recounted the activities. Obviously, he selectively neglected about Very long Hao’s overbearing steps.
Could an individual still frustration you until this way during this Raindragon Stronghold?” Ao Xu claimed curiously.
But right currently, Ao Xu offered a slight cry of delight. A bright white mystery order jumped out of the void and landed in Ao Xu’s hands and wrists.
Ao Xu chuckled and said, “You don’t need to care about what I’m here for initial. You are performing one thing one of a kind right here. This Emperor can even pick up your howls with a hundred distance absent.
Prolonged Xiaochun nodded her head similar to a poultry pecking for rice at the aspect, agreeing strongly to the.
“Mother, never force me any more! A person looks, I already develop very carefully, creating towards the Empyrean World so speedily.” Long Xiaochun mentioned inside a bad process.
When in front of Ao Xu, Prolonged Chi claimed with a doleful seem, “Brother Ao Xu, you will need to maintain justice for this particular youthful brother! Disregarding that that boy wiped out my Hao-er, he even utilised this kind of method to humiliate me! I truly can’t go through this grievance!”
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This arena right now ought not come about.
The good thing is, this Ao Xu’s relations.h.i.+p with him was good. Prolonged Chi simply let out a sigh and reported,
Could it be that his confront was going to utterly lose during the Eastern side Suppression Pseudo Society?
Extended Xiyue was undertaken aback and said with satisfying shock, “I nearly forgot. You are the next Sage that Sacred Ancestor Significant Priest personally conferred! Then … I won’t be well-mannered!”
Ye Yuan also thought it was amusing paying attention at one area. It turned out that the Dragon Clan could still need in this way of indicating things.
Very long Chi noticed his presentation and countenance and claimed, “Brother Ao Xu coming over to Raindragon Stronghold, could it be …”
Very long Xiyue beamed and said, “I really didn’t expect that Major Buddy would actually have an excellent descendant just like you. Granted time, you will definitely surpa.s.s your predecessor!”
Heh heh,
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Exactly so my a.s.s! Extended Chi outdated punk rock, this emperor goes to become pal. Are you playing this emperor for instance a monkey?” Ao Xu directly spat in Lengthy Chi’s experience. He completely failed to consider Extended Chi’s words and phrases.
Is it that his facial area would utterly reduce from the Eastern side Suppression Pseudo Environment?
Ye Yuan smiled and mentioned, “We is one loved ones. There is no ought to be as well far off.”
This issue was too inconceivable!
Ao Xu gotten to his provide and grabbed the actual key get in the fretting hand. Sinking his divine good sense inside and seeking, his concept could not help modifying wildly.

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