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Dual Cultivation

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Chapter 791 – Immortal Association bleach worry
“I am just right here to speak to your brain, Cang s.h.i.+cai— that is if he’s still your head supervisor with this spot,” Xian Ni said while he dragged out his influence medallion, shocking the member of staff.
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“You better reveal yourself, Hantian…” Xian Ni narrowed his eyeballs at Xuan Hantian, who immediately spelled out themselves.
“A-Another continent? How is usually that achievable with all the Jade Sea… Oh, forget it.” Older person Cang shook his head well before maintaining, “Anyhow, the main of Revival, appropriate? Yes, I still need it. Naturally, it’s on the list of lavish rewards for this year’s competition.”
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“I see…” Su Yang nodded calmly.
“W-How to find you performing on this page? If I’d regarded it was you, I would’ve—”
“I am really sorry for this… If I’d identified concerning this, I wouldn’t have supplied it to them…” Xian Hantian apologized to Su Yang despite not liable and mostly because he was frightened of Xian Ni.
At some point later, when they have been outside once more, Xian Ni mentioned, “Before I looked at, the Immortal a.s.sociation was in this metropolis and isn’t very a long way away from this location so we don’t want to use the hovering prize.”
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“The Xian Family’s Immortal Medallion!” The member of staff cried out excessive following experiencing this majesty medallion in Xian Ni’s hands, mainly because it was a thing only the emperor, Xian Hantian, and a second other person would have— the Ancestor from the Xian Loved ones that is also the best pro nowadays!
“Immortal a.s.sociation? Competition?” Su Yang raised his eye brows.
A matter of minutes later, these people were brought to the top surface within the paG.o.da the place where a solo space existed.
Xian Ni shook his mind around this, and he required one step forward well before kicking the entrance doors down and yelling again, “Who the f.u.c.k do you consider you’re aiming to transmit away, you d.a.m.n old person!”
“B-But Senior Cang! The visitors are—”
“They’re my pals from another continent, and they’re right here concerning anything my loved ones given you four years ago— the basis of Revival. Do you still have it?” Xian Ni required him.
A short while afterwards, they emerged before ma.s.sive paG.o.da that had the text ‘Immortal a.s.sociation’ grandly shown on a gold logon all four instructions.
Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House)
Xian Ni then flew absent, and Su Yang with his fantastic crew implemented him from behind.
“What happens if I have faith that I want the main of Revival— will you reject me?” Xian Ni suddenly stated with an overbearing force from him.
“Immortal a.s.sociation? Tournament?” Su Yang lifted his eye-brows.
“I am really sorry for this… If I’d identified relating to this, I wouldn’t have provided it to them…” Xian Hantian apologized to Su Yang despite not being in the wrong and mostly since he was fearful of Xian Ni.
“W-Who happen to be the individuals? They’re emitting a real impressive atmosphere! We have never experienced a single thing so unique right before!”
On the other hand, Senior citizen Cang shook his brain and reported, “Despite the fact that I would be the brain director, I cannot make such a big final decision without the Nine Immortal Families’ approval also, since this principle is exactly what retains this position from collapsing.”
“Who are they?” Senior citizen Cang checked out Su Yang as well as beauties at the rear of him with wide eyeballs.
A few moments later, people were delivered to the highest floor inside the paG.o.da the place where a sole home existed.
At some point down the road, the moment they were outside once again, Xian Ni stated, “Before I looked at, the Immortal a.s.sociation is in this location and isn’t very a long way away within this place therefore we don’t need to use the piloting prize.”
“A-Ancestor Xian… remember to don’t make things difficult for me… When have I ever offended you?” Elderly Cang sighed.
“Why not?” Su Yang asked him with elevated eye-brows, other tranquil.
“Daoist Su Yang, because the tournament hasn’t started, we can easily still ask the Immortal a.s.sociation for those Actual of Revival.” Xian Ni believed to him afterward.
“Older person Cang! You might have company!” The worker knocked on the entrance while yelling.
“How may the Immortal a.s.sociation enable you to right now, esteemed friends?” The worker inside of the building also recognized their great position and immediately handled them.
“P-Remember to comply with me, Your Majesty!”
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The people on the streets had been immediately pulled in by Xian Ni’s and Su Yang’s unfathomable aura as well as the two G.o.ddesses’ peerless elegance.
“They’re my friends from another continent, and they’re right here relating to some thing our family handed you four years ago— the main of Revival. Do you still need it?” Xian Ni questioned him.
“W-Who definitely are the individuals? They’re giving off a really impressive atmosphere! I had never noticed anything at all so powerful ahead of!”
A second afterwards, a high in volume tone of voice resounded, “Family and friends? I don’t remember experiencing scheduled appointments right now! If there’s no session, I won’t discover them! Transmit them away!”
“Immortal a.s.sociation? Competition?” Su Yang heightened his eyebrows.
“A-Another continent? How is that achievable with the Jade Sea… Ah, neglect it.” Older person Cang shook his top of your head prior to ongoing, “Anyway, the Root of Revival, correct? Yes, I continue to have it. Of course, it’s one of several grand rewards just for this year’s competition.”
“Good heavens! Have a look at the two beauties! I have got never viewed anything even 1 / 2 as lovely as them! They’re accurate fairies! Real G.o.ddesses!”
“Nicely, he demands it, and he’s ready to trade his treasures correctly.” Xian Ni stated.
“W-Who definitely are individuals? They’re giving out a really highly effective atmosphere! We have never sensed everything so intense well before!”
“Who definitely are they?” Mature Cang investigated Su Yang plus the beauties behind him with vast vision.

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