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Chapter 1221 – Golden Gun language grass
the shining room 237 explained
The clothes have been naturally not the operate-of-the-mill clothing, but a very high-technological combat uniform. This deal with consistent was typically used in ordinary soldiers. It absolutely was basically pointless for people at Zhou Wen’s levels.
The Stainless steel Guards that rushed out from the six doorways got influx following influx. Zhou Wen slashed out and enormous swaths of Precious metal Guards have been murdered. The tinkling seems of dimensional crystals falling can be read.
Performance: 71
This point, the Fantastic Struggle G.o.d Symbol III fallen one other dimensional crystal, helping Zhou Wen’s four data to successfully arrive at 81 issues, but there are no signs of him improving for the Terror grade.
Translator: CKtalon
Translator: CKtalon
Zhou Wen tried to summon it by means of a submachine firearm. The Precious metal Defense turned into a brilliant silver submachine pistol that was just like the ones in their opponents’ arms.
Nonetheless, the Metallic Guard’s traumas easily healed. The steel bullets ended up completely pointless against him.
Let Me Game in Peace
Steel Defense: Mythical
Everyday life Providence: Stainless steel Life
Just as Zhou Wen was wondering how he could key in, an alarm sounded above one of several entrances.
Zhou Wen chosen it up and realized that it was an 89-Speed Crystal. He hurriedly picked out it and ingested it.
Translator: CKtalon
Everyday life Heart and soul: Steel Armour
Luckily, the 3rd Golden Fight G.o.d speedily came out. These Fantastic Struggle G.o.ds appeared identical. They couldn’t hint Zhou Wen whatsoever prior to being murdered.
The Golden Battle G.o.d here possessed effective offensive strength and intensely sturdy security. Its rate wasn’t slow frequently. It absolutely was deemed an extremely impressive Terror-level dimensional being.
Sturdiness: 97
Sadly, almost nothing dropped this point, leaving behind Zhou Wen somewhat frustrated.
Another Gold Struggle G.o.d didn’t last for very long before being slain under Zhou Wen’s blade.
Essence Strength: 98
Strength: 97
Existence Providence: Metallic Daily life
Zhou Wen sensed that Gu Dian wasn’t the kind of person who will treat attire, so he examined the deal with consistent and easily identified a concealed storage device on the 1st-help system that was included with it.
Sun and Saddle Leather
Living Heart and soul: Aluminum Armour
Let Me Game in Peace
The fact is that, almost nothing fallen this period, abandoning Zhou Wen somewhat unhappy.
Let Me Game in Peace
Right after popping out, he began firing in the blood vessels-colored avatar crazily. Bullets with great beams rained upon the blood-coloured avatar.
Thank goodness, the third Glowing Combat G.o.d quickly came out. These Gold Fight G.o.ds checked equivalent. They couldn’t touch Zhou Wen whatsoever prior to being murdered.
He dragged the lead to at the Metallic Safeguard which has been rus.h.i.+ng more than. Fire spewed out, and in the continuous recoil, bullets shot out one immediately after an additional, hitting metallic Shield, riddling his entire body with openings and converting him into a hornet’s nest.
The Friend Egg cell is made of gold. It absolutely was getting rid of with wonderful flames and there ended up magma-like breaks that lined the top of the Companion Ovum. It appeared extremely awesome.
Zhou Wen was happy while he hurriedly found the Friend Egg and made a decision to hatch out it.
Nevertheless, the Steel Guard’s injury promptly healed. The stainless steel bullets were actually completely unnecessary against him.
Prior to Zhou Wen could react, an opening within the our blood-pigmented avatar’s travel blasted open up. Its top of your head erupted along with the phone display journeyed black colored.
‘Killed Terror-quality being, Fantastic Struggle G.o.d Mark II.’
Pace: 71

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